Saturday, 19 July 2014

A user-friendly guide to convert OST files into PST files format

Microsoft Exchange Server is convenient to work upon at corporate and professional front, as it provides facility to switch between offline and online mode. Sometimes, account on Exchange is erased by administrator for security purpose. To get back the mailbox and related folders, OST to PST Conversion is the only option.

Exchange email account is no doubt the speediest in all. Hence, working on the platform is the best reward you can have. However, sometimes when the administrator mistakingly remove it from the server because of security threats, it becomes hard to get back. Or, a person moves to an another office and has taken the OST files created at the Exchange server, but deletes the related account thinking that she could extract the information. The result is that she could not open the mails and she has to depend upon the OST to PST conversion, for accessing data on Outlook platform.

The other ways to restore the OST mails are to access the computer and the Exchange account used for creating the Offline mails. Or, track the restore point to get back the lost emails and details. If you have no access to the same PC and do not know the restore point, then it's best to use the OST to PST Converter, which simply retrieves all information and convert them to PST format. 

Looking for archive method is also a good option, but it is not meant for retrieving contact folder, so it's not that effective. To extract mails:
  • Go to Menu- Tools- Auto Archive
Now, access the archive:
  • Go to Menu-Files-Archive
Exporting the OST files to PST files is also a good option, though it's not recommended as the best way to do so. It recovers all information in a go without much effort.

AdvancedOST to PST Converter is recommended by experts because it assures flawless recovery, repair, conversion, and restoration within minutes. It renders total retrieval of mails, attachments, contact, calendar, appointment, journal, task, event, and several more. It also bring back small details like date, time, subject, flag, to, from of the emails. Safe and speedy recovery are the key points of the tool. Repairing the badly damaged files is also the key factor to depend upon. So, apply the tool for tension free recovery of total data within minutes.

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